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Work Automatic Gates

An automatic gate is one of the most preferable domestic intended to provide easy access to the gate home. There are three types of automatic gate mechanisms, such as sliding, screw drive piston, and swing cubic underground. Designs available today are limited only to the three types mentioned. Products available in the market are quite pricy, even when installation and maintenance costs are not yet been considered. Most of the products available in our country are imported from a foreign country

Automatic Gates

Why Do Work Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates

Better Security

The most obvious benefit of having an automatic gate is increased security. Unlike most manual gates, automatic gates do not compromise the security of the property. Any intruders that want to access your property will be faced with a daunting physical obstacle, which can discourage and deter straightaway


It is inconvenient having to open and close automatic gates manually, considering how often we go in and out of our homes each day. This becomes more problematic if it is raining heavily.

With an automatic gate, the press of a button on your remote control device from the inside of your car or from inside your house means the automatic gate will open and shut safely.

Since these gates are controlled by a motor, you will not have to take the trouble of opening and closing the gate every now and then.

Added privacy

For house owners that value their privacy, the presence of automatic gates can prevent any nosey neighbors from trying to sneak a look into your property.

By choosing a suitable driveway gate, you are able to easily control who enters and exits your property.

How home Automation help keep your children safe?

As a parent, we always worry about our children’s safety. And if you are a working parent, the thought of your kid’s safety is sure to brother you are away at work too. Luckily with advances In technology the smart home automation system can offer many security features which can aid you in creating a safer environment for your kids when you are not around. Here are some of the safety features a smart home automation system

Automatic Gate Manufacturers near me

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Basic Design and Working Of automatic Gate:

The main objective of this paper is to design mechanical and electrical aspects to achieve the automation of the sliding gate. In this proposed method we are using a rack and pinion mechanism for sliding the automatic gate towards forward and reverse directions.

Automatic Gates

How Infrared sensors on automatic gate and doors work

Note that these sensors work efficiently by themselves, but different sensors are often used in combination within a single system to prevent any hiccups or oversight. For example, motion sensors do their job of triggering the automatic gate opening mechanism as soon as they sense or ‘see’ motion in front of the doors, but if the individual is moving too slowly or standing still near the doors, the pressure sensors can detect the weight of the individual and prevent the doors from closing until the weight is relieved, i.e., the person moves away from it or passes through the doorway

How do the automatic gate doors actually open?

After the sensors detect the presence of an individual, the job of actually opening/closing the doors must be completed. Sensors are connected to an electronic drive train, which is attached to the panels of the door through an auxiliary drive or cogwheel. The auxiliary drive is connected by rubber belts that regulate the opening and closing motions of the doors. At the bottoms of these doors are rollers that allow the doors to slide smoothly.

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