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Automatic Swing Door

Automatic Swing doors are used in the same operation as the conventional swing door. Automatic swing doors can be used to control the atmosphere within a space by enclosing the air drafts. So that interiors may be more effectively heated or cooled. They are the best alternate, where there is no back-end run space for the door to slide or fold. And where a clear opening has to be utilized to the maximum. The doors are best suitable for indoor applications where smaller clear opening sizes, pedestrian access are required. Our automatic swing doors increase comport and it is possible.

Swing Door Hardware Safety Sensors

A Door operator may use sensors to prevent the door from coming into contact with a user.

Full Energy operators require at least 3 sensors. Low energy operators are not required to have safety sensors. As the door is allowed to come in contact with a user, given that the kinetic energy of the moving door is limited by the reduced moving speed.

Historically, sensors have been simply floor mats that sense the weight of a user, one in the area immediately in front of the door (the approach side) and one in the area behind it (the swing side). The approach side mat is often used as a trigger sensor. The swing side mat prevents the door from starting to open as long as some other person is detected in the swing area; once the door starts opening, this mat is ignored, as it will sense the user going through.

Today, infrared safety sensors or laser safety sensors are normally used. Four types are commonly used.

Header mounted presence sensor – Mounted on the jamb above the door, on the approach side, it detects the presence of a person standing in front of the door.

Approach side, door-mounted sensor – Mounted on the approach side of the door itself, used as the door is closing to detect a user in the way of the closing door. Some safety sensors also safeguard the hinge area to protect hands and fingers during the closing process. In that case, the operator either stops the door or responds to it.

Automatic Swing Door

Swing Door Company

MRM automatic curved Swing glass doors are the perfect answer to providing entrance areas with a customized and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Half-circles, full circles, ovals, segments, double segments, made-to-measure, and versions deriving from these variants: anything is possible.

Swing Door Company

Convex or concave shapes in any desired bending radius not only afford optimum liberty of design but also guarantee a harmonious integration into the surrounding architecture.

Swing Door Restaurant

The automatic aluminum alloy door is a new type of metal automatic door, which consists of three parts of aluminum alloy profile, glass door structure, and automatic door control system. The automatic aluminum alloy door has the advantages of novel appearance, exquisite structure, small operation noise, flexible start, reliability, and energy-saving. The automatic aluminum alloy door is suitable for the opening and closing of building facilities such as advanced hotels, restaurants, buildings, hospitals, terminal buildings, stations, shopping malls, shops, office buildings, advanced purification plants, computer rooms, etc.

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Product NameFrameless aluminum door and windows
Materialaluminum / glass/ steel
Colorwhite/black, brushed finish/customer’s requirements.
GradePowder coating; Satin finish; Mirror Polish
Threadglass (12mm; 6+6; mm) thick tempered glass

Swing Door Opener

  • Automatic sliding door SW200 is a stable and simple SWING DOOR OPERATOR, Max weight is 200kgs
  • Doorstep Automatic sliding door SW100 is a stable and simple SWING DOOR OPERATOR, Max weight is 100kgs
  • Easy installation and adjustment, suitable for DIY!
Swing Door

This model can connect with sensor and Photocell to active the door and offer safety
Extra automatic door components are also well fit, such as key switch, function pad, accessories

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