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Introduction Automatic Water Level Controller


  • Enhance the motor performance and life.
  • Pump is economically run, saving in Electricity Bill.
  • Longer sensor life, No maintenance, Easy installation.
  • Models suit for single Phase / Three phase pumps.
  • Custom built models interface with Timer Systems.


System supply voltage160V – 250 V AC 50 Hz
Sensing Voltage12 V AC
Output Contact30 Amps at 230V AC (Potential Free)
Size170 mm x 150 mm x 60 mm (LXBXH)
Starting dry run trip delay120 seconds
Running dry run trip delay10 seconds
Power on delay30 seconds

Liquid Automatic water Level Controller improves the efficiency of your product storage. 

AC sensing features enhances the sensor life.  These systems can control mono block pumps, Jet pumps, Solenoid valves, Compressor pumps, 3 Phase pumps, Single phase submersible pumps etc


1. System is not showing any LED indications ? Check the power FUSE, Replace blowup fuse with good one (0.1 Amps) 2. Pump ON LED is glowing, pump is not switching ON. Ensure the selector switch is in AUTO Mode. 3. Dry pump LED is glowing, pump is not switching ON. The PUMP may not be lifting water because of air locking or leaking in footvalve. Rectify the problem and press NEED (Reset) button. 4. HIZLO volt LED is glowing, pump is not switching ON. HILO Voltage protection to the Pump. Pump will switch ON at safe operating voltage. Contact your Electrician to rectify the problem.

AUTO MODEPump switches ONOFF Automatically as per the signals transmitted from sensors in SUMP and TANK. FUSE (LOAD) protects the pump from Overloading and Short Circuits
OFF MODEPump switches OFF. Syshem moniters the water level in Sump and Over Head Tank
MANUAL MODEPump switches ON Irrespective of water level in SUMP or TANK This bypass the FUSE (LOAD) Select OFF mode to switch OFF the pump.
MEMBRANE SWITCHTo switch ON the pump in AUTO MODE To RESTART the pump after rectifying dry running fault.
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