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Blinds for Windows

Skylight roller blinds for roof window shades: Fabrics used in skylight shade applications range from sheer to filter light to opaque room darkening. If you have a skylight in your favorite television watching space or even in a bedroom an opaque skylight shade will do wonders to get rid of the glare and the light from outside making it a great place to enjoy a movie or a nap. 

  • Avoid common unwanted heat loss and gain
  • Special tracks allow all angles of window coverage
  • Protect furniture and flooring from UV damage
  • Enjoy the light above while maintaining temp control
Top rail TOP 25mm aluminum rail with spring system 
Fabric 100% p[olyester fabric with blackout design,
SPEC.we have many sizes, can be customized contain all aluminum rail frame 
Motorized Waterproof skylight Sunblock Retractable Roof System Conservatory Awning 2 » How do Blinds Work?

how to Blinds for Windows Work?

Custom large size windproof fireproof outdoor patio window zip track electric motorized roller windows

The FCS windows roof skylight is folding roll blinds for indoor sun shading ceilings. The FSS, FTS skylight roof blinds are rolling blinds for sun shading, which are mainly for glass window house or glass ceiling and glass curtain wall in Horizontal or vertical

MRM electric folding canopy skylight windows, when the fabric is completely opened, it has a water wave shape. When folded, it is folded together. It is driven by steel wire or belt. It is powered by a high-quality asynchronous motor or synchronous motor. The

has the characteristics of stable operation, low noise, and flexible operation.

Waterproof Retractable Motorized Balcony Conservatory Roof Awning For Skylight 2 » How do Blinds Work?
Name:Custom large size windproof fireproof outdoor patio window zip track electric roller blinds
Size:Customize Size
Application:Home, Hotel, Hospital, Cafe, Office, School
Function:Adjust Light Sun Shade
Format:remote controller
Brand Name:MRM
Color:Customer’s Request
Feature:Environmentally Friendly
MQ:10 Square Meters
Material:MRM fabrics

How do Roller Blinds Work?

1. The maximum area is 35 square meters. When the width exceeds 3.5 meters, one tow or one tow three mechanisms can be used.

2, suitable for making large-area folding canopy, cost-effective, stable, and reliable performance.

3. Control mode: wireless remote control, infrared remote control, manual control, and intelligent control.

4. It is suitable for large-scale sunshade curtains in public places.

5. open ways: one way open or center open

The enduring simplicity of Cellular shades, combined with their outstanding insulating capabilities, make them ideal for any setting. The single and double honeycomb fabrics block drafts, keeping rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer. As they boost energy efficiency, they also effectively control light, offering a range of opacity levels from light filtering to blackout. Choose from traditional and cord-free hardware

ITEM blackout honeycomb blinds for ceiling
Operation ModeManual, motor
ABOUT PRICEThe showed price for manual control.     IF Motorized control, motor price per set
SizeCustom on request
MaterialFabric 100% Polyester, Rails Aluminium
Pleated Diameter2.5cm
Install MethodSide install, wall install
ApplicationHome, Office, Hotel, Hospital, Club, Gallery
Width (Min to Max)30cm-120cm
Height (Max)250cm
PackageIndividual PE bag, 3-5 sets into one export carton box 
MOQ1 Square Meter
PortMRM port
FeatureFree Light Control, UV Protection, Privacy Protection, Insulation noise reduction, Elegant
AccessoriesEnough Brackets, Screws,  Expansion Plug for each set
Remark1. if the single set window size is not enough 1 square meter, price check as 1 square meter;
if a single set window size is more than 1 square meter, price check as an actual square meter.

2. Manual Bead rope/power cable default RIGHT. 

How to work Blinds Near Me

MRM is a professional manufacture, provide high-quality aluminum and stainless steel accessories for glass building, such as glass railing/handrails, shower door, partition wall, curtain wall, window & door, etc. We have over 10 years of production and export experience, our products exported to more than 8 countries in the world, send us your inquiry, please

Our Services:

  1. we have strict quality inspection system,no failed products will be sent to customers. 
  2. we have complete production machines,rich experience workers,quality is guaranteed. 
  3. we can control production costs,our price will be competitive. 
  4. we have formidable production team,can fulfill the order on time,even in advance. 
  5. we have a strong technical team,can offer CAD technical drawings or 3D renderings according to your basic description or a picture of your house. 
  6. we can keep you regularly informed of order progress and problems.
Waterproof Retractable Motorized Balcony Conservatory Roof Awning For Skylight 3 » How do Blinds Work?

The Electric Opening Skylight has the ability to flawlessly open and close via wireless remote, as well as the seamless blend of the interior design of the skylight into any given ceiling. Normally the glass for a skylight is tempered laminated glass and tempered insulated glass, to make sure safety and has the function of energy-saving and heat insulation.


ProductElectric top hung opening skylight
MaterialGlass and aluminum etc hardware
ColorAny custom color
Hardware CoverAluminum with powder coating or PVDF coating finish, Stainless steel with Stain or Mirror finish
Glass TypeTempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass

Non-Vented Skylights

This type of skylight will not provide you with any added ventilation. They’re used solely for lighting and design purposes.

Manual Opening Skylights

The type of skylight can be opened manually and is usually installed on a sloping roof that is accessible by hand.

Electric Opening Skylights

This type of skylight is controlled by a remote, only touch of a button can open to let stale air out and fresh air in.

How do Vertical Blinds Work

TIMES Built-in louvers are Vertical that are installed between two panes of glass, the louver blades can be adjusted to any angle or pulled up to the top. It can be operated by manual or by electric remote control and since no dust can enter the insulated glass, they require NO cleaning.
Good Heat insulation and Shading: The blade can be adjusted at any angle to control the Light injection freely, Play the role of shielding.
Privacy protection: The louver can be rotated to a fully closed position, it makes up the transparent glass defects, protects the privacy of interior space

Motorized Waterproof skylight Sunblock Retractable Roof System Conservatory Awning 6 » How do Blinds Work?
MODEL NO.:Horizontal sliding electric roof skylight window
APPLICATIONS: Residential house, villa, apartment, commercial building, school, restaurant, factory and etc.
TYPICAL INSTALLATIONS:Flat roof, sloping roof, atrium, basement, garden roof, pool roof, sunroof and etc.
MAIN FUNCTIONS: Intelligent, daylighting, ventilation, night lighting.  Waterproof, anti-mosquito, soundproof, energy-saving, sun shading, dimming.  Smoke extraction, fire prevention, escape, and access.
ADVANTAGES: Artistic, practical, and dignified.  High strength multi-chamber aluminum profile, multi-layer EPDM rubber strip.  Customized design with the rich configuration of mesh, pleated blinds, and LED lighting.  Intelligent control, remote control, and sensor control.    
SIZE:Customized according to opening hole.                                                                                  Minimum size: 1.4 m*2 m, 1.4 m ≤ span ≤ 8 m, minimum area is 3 SQM.                            Maximum size: 8 m*X m, 1.5 m≤ span ≤8 m, maximum area has no limit.
OPEN STYLE: Single sash open from the side.  Double sash open from the middle. Full sash open from the side.
OPERATION WAY:Somfy AC motor driving with open area 50% to 100%. Remote control and network control.  Rain sensor and IR sensor control. 
FRAME MATERIAL:Top-level extruded Aluminum alloy 6063 T6.
FRAME COLOR:Standard colors: Sandy gray or sandy brown or sandy white and silver-gray. Customized according to requirements.  
SURFACE TREATMENT:Powder coating.   
PROFILE SIZE: 1.4m =< span < 3m: profile width 120 mm, height 146 mm, wall thickness 3-4 mm, multi-chamber structure. 3m =< span < 4.8m: profile width 120 mm, height 146 mm, wall thickness 3-4 mm, multi-chamber structure. 4.8m =< span =< 8m: profile width 200 mm, height 250 mm, wall thickness 3-5 mm, multi-chamber structure.
SEAL STRIP:EPDM rubber sealing strip (HAIDA).
GLASS:Option 1 – 6mm+27A+6mm hollow toughened glass with built-in pleated blinds. Option 2 – 8mm or 6mm+1.14PVB+6mm or 5mm+1.14PVB+5mm low e+21A+6mm toughened glass or etc. Option 3 – Customized according to requirement.
MESH:Option 1 – super easy cleaning and dust-proof Amidology functional mesh, mesh counts 48, openable or fixed. Option 2 – Stainless steel wire mesh, openable or fixed.
PLEATED BLINDS:Hollow glass with built-in pleated blinds sun shading system, electric remote control.
LED LIGHTING:LED strip, 4000 K, electric remote control.

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