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Our Company is An Indian Company And the Name Is MRM Technology Exim, MrTech Automation. We Focuses On Providing Cost Effective Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Sales & Services.

Automatic Gates

Residential Sliding Gates, Sectional Sliding Gate, Curved Folding Sliding Gate, Cantilever Gate, Side Fold Gate, Mild Steel, and Stainless Steel GI Gates, Aluminium Gate, HPL Laser Cutting Gate, Safety Gate, Industrial Telescopic Gate, Retractable Gate, Swing Gate, Trackless Bifolding Swing Gates, Track Bi-folding Gates, Pedestrian Gate, Medan Remote Access Gates, Motorized Gate, Wifi Mobile App Access Gate

Gate Motors

Sliding Gate Motors, Swing Gate Motors, Swing Roller Operators, Swing Articulate Opener, Underground Motor, In Post Motor, Swing Arm Operators

Gate Hardware’s

Cantilever Gate Hardware’s, Residential Sliding Gate Hardware, Sectional Sliding Gate Hardware, Curved Folding Sliding Gate Hardwares, Side Fold Gate Hardware, Bifolding Swing Gate Hardware, Telescopic Gate Hardware.

Automatic Doors

Wooden Door, Flush Doors, PVC Door, Metal Doors, Fiber Door, Bathroom Door, Aluminium Door, Residential Door, Sliding Door, UPVC Door, Glass Door, Safety Doors, Fire Door, Commercial Door, Industrial Doors, Cabinet Door, Garage Doors.

Glass Doors : Toughened Glass Door, Frameless Glass Door, Indoor Sliding Glass Door, Glazed Door.

Garage Doors: Sectional Garage Door, Roller Garage Doors, Commercial Garage Door, Overhead Garage Door, Steel Garage Door, Mirror Garage Door.

Door Motors

Sliding Glass Door Operator, Siding Single Glass Door Operator, Sliding Double Glass Door Operator, Swing Door Operator, Swing Door Underground Operators, Garage Door Operator, Industrial Hanging Sliding Door Operator, Industrial Sectional Door Operator.

Rolling Shutter

Manual Rolling Shutters, Automatic Rolling Shutter, Iron Rolling Shutter, MS Rolling Shutter, Security Shutters, Motorized Rolling Shutters, Shutter Door, GI Rolling Shutter, Remote Rolling Shutters, Poly carbonate Rolling Shutter, Aluminium Rolling Shutters, PVC Rolling Shutter, Grill Rolling Shutter, Perforated Rolling Shutters, Gear Rolling Shutter, Stainless Steel Rolling Shutters, Powder Coated Rolling Shutter, Transparent Rolling Shutter, Fire Rated Shutter, Push Rolling Shutters.

Shutter Motors

Rolling Shutter Indirect Drive Operator AC, Shutter Indirect Drive pro, Rolling Shutter Indirect Drive Operator DC, Rolling Shutter Fired Rated Operator, Rolling Shutter Tubular Operator, Rolling shutter Direct Drive Operators, Shutter Gear Operators, Rolling Shutter Center Operator, Side Motor, High Speed Motors.

Boom Barrier

Straight Boom Barrier, Crank Boom Barrier, Fence Boom Barriers, Fold Boom Barrier, Advertising Boom Barrier, Car Parking Boom Barriers, Toll Plaza Boom Barrier, RFID Boom Barrier, Industrial Boom Barrier, Commercial Barriers, Boom Barrier Motor And Barrier Arm ( 6m, 5m, 4.5m )

Automatic Turnstile Gate

Waist Height Tripod Turnstile, Full Height Turnstile Door, Flap Barrier , Speedy Turnstile Gate, Turnstile Access Control.

Road Blocker

Automatic Hydraulic Rising Bollards, Automatic Lifting Roadblock, Hydraulic Spike Road Blockers, Tyre Killer, Road Blocker For Vehicle Heavy Duty Trampled.


Automatic Retractable Waterproof Skylight, PVC Skylight , Fabric Skylight, Aluminium Skylight, Roller Skylight, Horizontal Shutter Skylight, Window Skylights, Ceiling Outdoor, Awning Pergola Design With led Light Skylights, Blinds, Curtains, Skylight Motor And Operator, Curtain Operators, Rome Pole Curtain Operator, Lift Curtain Operator, Blinds Operators.

Loading Dock

Flush Loading Dock, Open Docks, Saw Tooth Dock, Enclosed Loading Docks, Motors And Operator.

Tail Lift

Column Tail Lifts, Tuckaway Tail Lift, Cantilever Tail Lifts, Retractable Tail Lifts, Motor And Operators.

Expandable Container

3 in 1 Multipurpose Expandable Containers ( House, Office, Resorts, Restaurants, Shops ).


Face Recognition, Bio metric Identification, Gate Access System, UHF RFID Access Control, Push Button, Card Reader, Remote Control, Loop Detector LED Indication , Infrared Sensor Switch , Contactless Door Release Exit Button, Automatic Water Level, Light Controllers.

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