Fingerprint Recognition allows a person to be verified or identified through the analysis and comparison on his or her finger dermal ridges. Fingerprint Recognition was one of the most popular and effective biometric techniques.

  • Tap pixel imprint
  • Open phone settings S app,
  • Tap security
  • Tap pixel imprint
  • Scan your fingerprint or use your backup PIN, PATTERN, PASSWORD
  • Tap Add fingerprint
  • Scan another fingerprint. You can add up to 5 fingers.

Fingerprint Patterns

Basic Patterns, the three basic patterns of fingerprint ridges are the arch, the loop, and the whorl. An arch is a pattern where the ridge enters one  the side of the finger, then rises in the center forming an arch,, and exits on the other side of the finger. With a loop the ridge enters one side of the finger, then forms a curve and exit on the same side of the finger from which it entered. Loops are the most common pattern in fingerprints. Finally a whorl is the pattern you have when ridges from circularly around a central point.

Minutiae Features

Minutiae refer to specific points in a fingerprint, these are the small details in a fingerprint that are most important for fingerprint recognition, These are three major types of minutiae features: the ridge ending, the bifurcation is the spot where a ridge splits into ridges. Spots are those fingerprint ridges that are significantly shorter than other ridges.

Fingerprint Recognition

  • Optical readers are the most common type of fingerprints reader.
  • Skin on human fingerprints contains ridges and valley.
  • Ridge ending the abrupt end of a ridge.
  • Ridge bifurcation a single ridge that dives into two ridges.
  • Fingerprint recognition is the process of comparing questioned and known fingerprint to determine if the impressions are form the same finger or palm.

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