Flashing Lamp

Flashing lights are a fundamental part of sliding and swing gate automation systems. since they provide a clear indication that they system is installed and in operation. Mrm technology exim flashing lights are a modular construction, flat and wide in shape with a two color tinted cap which increases the product’s illuminated surface and visibility. The lights are available in LED version with 24V or 230V power supply. Flashing lights can also be equipped with integrated receiver antenna.

Blinker lights are used on gate systems to indicate when they are either opening or closing. There are most commonly used as a safety measure to indicate when the gate is in motion.

Flashing Lamp

Available in Grey and Black.

The LED light can be oriented in a different direction by changing the PCB position inside the flashing lamp case.

Can be installed on the wall using the brackets and the screws supplied.

Can be installed directly on a column without using the bracket supplied.

The supplied bracket of the flashing lamp ONE UP can host inside the radio module cod. This operation can significantly increase the signal range.

ONE UP can be installed in combination with the outdoor radio antenna cod. This operation can significantly increase the signal range.


  • Light stays active so long as the gate in moving
  • Provides extra safety
  • Designed for use with Chamberian or Liftmaster gate / garage door openers
  • 24V strobe lamp with control and LED
  • For certain drives, an external 24V DC power supply will be required.

LED bulbs don’t have glowing filaments.

When the dimmer switch goes off and on many times per second, the LED bulb becomes a flickering strobe light. In rare cases, the flickering can be some other power supply issue, which may be the explanation if you don’t have dimmer switches.

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