Gate Gear Rack

Rack and pinion

A Gate gear rack Pinion is rotate and move along the linear gate gear rack surface and also moves around the round surface. Usually Gear is known as Pinion. A rack and pinion  drive can use both straight and helical gate gear rack. A gate gear rack placed between rails.

Rack and Pinion provides mechanical advantage than other mechanisms. The rack and pinion  addition provides these gate with controlled brakes, and reduces the effects of snow or ice on the motors.


Sliding gate is operating by hand driven gear mechanism for forward-reverse the gate.


The main objective is to design mechanical and electrical aspects to achieve the automation of the sliding gate.  we are using rack and pinion mechanism for sliding the gate towards forward and reverse direction.

Double Flank

Double flank is a method of inspection in which the work  is rolled in tight double flank contact with a specified gear rack.

Face Gear

A face gear set consists of disk shaped gear. It has a Planer pitch surface and planer root surface.


Automatic sliding gates are smooth and noise free. It is widely used in our country. These gates are available in single and double panel. It is user friendly. Electromechanical gear motors range 100 to 6000Kg for heavy gate application. Easy maintenance and high operating efficiency. Sliding path is frictionless.


Motor sliding gate works on a simple but effective mechanism by sliding on the either side of the opening. High quality CNC finish top and bottom track. Heavy duty and smooth operation bottom track. Gate actually enable the electric gate to open and close without having to manually push the gate with the help of rack. Control to stop anytime while gate is moving

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