Advertising Swing Gate

Swing gate is the one of type of gate. it is also model of automatic gate. swing gate is single gate and double gate. swing gate is a bi-parting swing gate.

categories of  swing gate:

  • wooden swing gate
  • steel swing gate
  • metal swing gate
  • aluminum swing gate

Swing gate is user friendly.  automatic swing gate is time consuming compare to normal gate. DC voltage is use. easily to open and close swing gate with the help of dc voltage. the speed of swing gate is faster than that of normal gate. it is access by low voltage. it is also access by remote control.

Equipment is used by swing gate:

  • access control board
  • access password control
  • dc power supply
  • batteries
  • remote control

it adopt all types of weather condition. it is strong, beautiful.

Access Control Board:

it has circuit connection. batteries and remote connection are access with help of access control board.

access control board support opening  swing gate function:

  • uninterruptible power supply interface.
  • TCP/IP communication.
  • 12 vdc/ 2.6A power supply.
  • 255 Max quality of controller.
  • access control board size is 288*298*78mm.
  • Access control board software include all-in-one-card management system.
  • it is widely used in school, bank, government sector, large scale public.
  • Compatible with all RS series Control Board.
  • Serial or IP Connectivity.

Access password control:

Access password control has continually evolved and advanced over recent years to include Bluetooth connectivity, motion sensor enabled capabilities and voice control.

DC power supply:

A DC power supply is one that supplies a constant DC voltage to its load. DC allows for a constant flow of current to a device.


it is storage device. when the power cut, batteries is use to open or close swing gate.

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