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AC MRM 1000-1P Rolling Shutter Motor

Rolling Shutter Door Motor Details:

This type of Rolling Door Opener can be operated by electricity and manual, precise limit by limiter controller automatically. can be operated by manual when out of power, low noise, over heart protection. can lift the Rolling Door Opener automatically by motors.

  1. 1) manufacture AC, DC, AC and DC Rolling Door motor/rolling gate opener, design and make motors according to your request
  2. 2) AC motor: 300KG-2000KG, DC motor: 300KG-1000KG
  3. 3) 110V/220V/380V are all for our Rolling Door Opener.
  4. 4)with four relays inside to make sure our Rolling Door Opener to be more save.
  5. 5)100% copper material inside the motor, so it have a larger capacity and durable than other motors
  6. 6) make dimension of Rolling Door Opener bracket system according to your request, brake system build in the bracket system
  7. 7.we could design control system function according to your request, now we have functions: infrared sensor, learning code, ups, wireless safety edge when meet obstacle, alarm function, lighting and so on…

AC MRM 1000-1P Rolling Shutter Motor

  • Working temperature: -20℃  ~ 50℃, relative humidity is below 90% (25℃),  (changes in the ambient air temperature with the season).
  • Used in indoor or similar places, pay attention to moisture, rain.
  • Power supply voltage: rated voltage × (1 ± 10%) V.
  • Short-time working, continuous operation shall not exceed 7 minutes.
  • Installation height of rolling door motor, not less than 7 meters.
  • Not strong electromagnetic interference sources around, no explosive medium, no corrosion of metal medium.


  • Bracket kit accessories
  • Receiver
  • Remote control
  • Key Box
  • Push Button
Extra ADD

Add safety edge can rebound when meet obstacle
Add infrared sensor can stop when meet obstacle
Add safety edge and alarm system can sounds when door is opened by thief
Add double electric side locks can realize the shutter door lock function.


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