Automatic Speedy Turnstile

Speedy Turnstile Brushless price, servo effect, suitable for speed gate, swing gate, wing gate, triple roller gate, etc



Speedy Turnstile Brushless price, servo effect, suitable for speed gate, swing gate, wing gate, triple roller gate, etc.
Integrated traffic logic+ motor drive function, using servo control algorithm Method, fast and smooth opening and closing

  1. action, precise positioning without shaking.
  2. Self-learning Speedy Turnstile load current curve and real-time detection of motor position, with Physical anti-pinch effect, adjustable sensitivity.
  3. Support 3 groups and 6 groups of two infrared sensor layouts, real-time detection Abnormal behaviors such as trailing, crossing the gate, passing, and staying.

Automatic Speedy Turnstile

  1.  It has fault self-test and alarm prompt functions, which is convenient for users to maintain and use;
  2. It has anti-clip and anti-collision functions, when the obstacle is encountered during the reset of the swingarm, the motor automatically stops working within the specified time, and resets again after the default delay, and the force is small.
  3. It has an anti-shock function. The swingarm is automatically locked when no open signal is received;
  4. It has one-way and two-way pendulum functions, which can realize the control of the entry and exit of personnel in one direction or two directions;
  5. Remote control and management can be realized directly through the management computer.
Product Parameter
Model MRM-PY004
Arm length600 mm (Normal size)
The thickness of the case1.5 mm on top, 1.2 mm
Power supplyAC 198V ~ 248V 50Hz±4 %, output: AC24V, DC 12V
Flap opening/closing time0.7 s
Operating temperature-25 ~ +70℃
Operating humidity≤90%
Weight140kg ( 2 sets)
Life span10 years (Non-consumables)
Traffic speed35-35 person/minute
Construction304# stainless steel on cover
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Vehicle identification system
Chassis Size:
1200 length * 280 width * 1000 height (MM) (standard)
Vertical Chassis
380 length * 280 width * 1000 height (MM) (standard)
Column Chassis
Main Column Diameter: 168mm,Attached Rod Diameter: 88mm
Attached Rod and Body Width :
> Swing rod length
SwingArm Length:
500-900mm (central axis to margin)
SwingArm TransmissionAngle:
180 degrees
Swing Direction:
one-way or two-way
Operating Voltage:
AC220 ±10% V/50 ±10% HZ

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