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Best Quality Boom Barrier Cost in MRM128


parking system community intelligent advertising barrier advertising car parking boom barrier gate It’s suitable for hotels, garden villas, residential areas, parking lots, enterprises institutions, etc.


1. working voltage: 220VAC ±20% / 50HZ.
2. motherboard static power consumption: < 2W.
3. maximum output load power: 1000W.
4. remote control frequency point: 433.92MHz, remote control distance not less than 45m (open area)

Main Features

1) Manual release; unique manual release can stop the boom at any angle.
2) Machine core with compression spring, effectively avoids the accidents caused by spring breaking.
3)  Boom can rise and fall on left /right sides by setting on the machine.
4)  One balance spring is suitable for all types of a boom.

Quality Boom Barrier Cost

Product Description

Advertising Best Quality Boom Barrier Cost is a kind of unique and effective high-quality emerging media, refers to the city building, community, shopping malls, hotels, parks and other entrances and resettlement management way brake arm suspension characteristics of alloy plane advertisement carrier.

  1. Machine core with compression spring, effectively avoids the accidents caused by spring breaking.
  2.  The advertising board is an independent motor and control system, When encountered strong winds, the remote control can open the Advertising board to avoid damage.
  3. The Best Quality Boom Barrier Cost multiple protection measures (wind protection, motor thermal protection, anti-surge protection, anti-lightning protection, etc.), so that the operation of the barrier safety and reliability has been greatly improved.
  4. Best Quality Boom Barrier Cost Customize boom lengths
  5. Easy to integrate with other systems.
Technology Parameters
Product name
Advertising parking barrier
Power supply
AC 220V/110V±20%, 50/60HZ
Rated Power
Barrier arm
Housing Material
Galvanized Plate
Arm Gate Material
Aluminum Alloy
Number of advertising board
Based  on the length of the barrier arm
Opening time
3s,6s. Customized
Working Temperature
Remote control distance
Usually more than 45 meters
Working temperature-30℃~+80℃Humidity≤90%
VoltageAC 220V+10%,50HZDimension338*460*1200mm
Motor power140W/200WOperation time6s
Remote control distance≤30mBoom center height1050mm
ColorAgate blackElectric machinerynormal AC motor/ rushless DC motor(optional)
Boom length0-5mCommunication Interface RS485 electrical standards
LED lights power12V,200W,16.7AAdvertisement Plate Dimension850*450mm

Product introduction:

 The 128 advertising barrier gates are designed with sharp edges and corners, and are complemented by agate black, simple yet stylish, giving a sense of dignity and grand. Not only can it manage the orderly entry and exit of the vehicle, but it can also achieve a huge advertising effect through its unique form of advertising. And its multiple characteristics such as: anti-smashing pressure wave, anti-smash rubber tube, Anti-crash function (Loop detector), opening priority, etc. It makes users feel at ease and reliable. It’s suitable for hotels, garden villas, residential areas, parking lots, enterprises and institutions, etc.


-Installation accessories
-2 Remote Controller
-With manual push button switch, comes with anti-collision safety interface.
-pressure wave switch
Function:advertisement can be put on the barrier gate , so it can achieve a huge advertising

Open boom gate method optional

  1. Access control, such as ticket dispenser, card reader
  2. License plate recognition
  3. UHF RFID Reader & Sticker
  4. Loop detector / Function: boom will automatically fall when the vehicle passes
  5. Laser infrared wiring‐free radar / Function: anti‐bumping, which means boom will automatically go back when
    meet obstacles during closing

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