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Best Automatic Boom Barrier 105 Ac


It’s suitable for hotels, garden villas, residential areas, parking lots, enterprises, institutions, etc.

Open boom gate method optional

  1. Access control, such as ticket dispenser, card reader
  2. License plate recognition
  3. UHF RFID Reader & Sticker
  4. Loop detector / Function: boom will automatically fall when the vehicle passes
  5. Laser infrared wiring‐free radar / Function: anti‐bumping, which means boom will automatically go back when
    meet obstacles during closing

Folding Automatic Boom Barrier Gate 105 AC Motor

  1. Humanized interactive appearance design. The chassis is standard for LED indicator light, and the boom is optional for LED light strips.
  2. The average failure-free operation is up to 5 million times, and life is more than 10 times than the traditional barrier gate.
  3. The opening/closing speed of the Folding Automatic Boom Barrier is fast and is up to 0.9s, and you can adjust the speed from 0.9s-8s by the vehicle flow and required Boom Barrier Gate length.
  4. Good temperature resistance. Support -40°C—+75°C in the outdoors.
  5. High reliability. Abrasion is small, and there is no mechanical impact or shock absorption during the movement
  6. The Folding Automatic Boom Barrier will be lifted or unlocked (can be pushed up by hand directly) when power is cut off.
  7. High safety, encountering block to return/stop, and the boom is standard for anti-collision rubber strip.
  8. Switch Boom Barrier Gate installation direction is simple, and it can be exchanged around the project site.
  9. Fleet mode, and the boom lifting times record function. The boom will keep open until the sensing times of vehicles passing detected by the vehicle detector is equal to the times of Folding Automatic Boom Barrier lifting.
  10. Support 110v-240v wide range AC and 24v battery power supply.
  11. Low power consumption and energy-saving design, and the Folding Automatic Boom Barrier can save 500 degrees of electricity a year.

Boom Barrier Gate Multiple control, stable running

  1.  Remote control of the barrier from a long distance. When electricity is off, it can be manually released.
  2. Inside control board, waterproof, stable, and long-running life.
  3. Easy installation and cabling and maintenance, low noise, quick cooling.
material :1.5mm cold roll plate
power :220V 10%,50HZ
motor power:80~140W
working temperature:‐40℃~+80℃
arm length:straight 0‐6m, folding 0‐5m, fence 0‐4.5m
operation time:1.5‐6s
remote control distance:≤30m
motor:DC brushless motor
color : red/yellow/grey
cabinet size:260*340*980mm
Communication interface: RS485 electrical standard



Product Description

material : 1.5mm cold roll plate
power :220V 10%,50HZ
motor power:80~140W
working temperature:‐40℃~+80℃
arm length:straight 0‐6m,folding 0‐5m , fence 0‐4.5m
operation time:1.5‐6s
remote control distance:≤30m
motor: AC motor
color : red/yellow/grey
cabinet size:260*340*980mm
Communication interface: RS485 electrical standard

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