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PVC Automatic High Speed Door Fast Industrial Roll up Door with German Motor


Flex Doors

These are doors with a High Speed Door wind resistance especially used outdoors. They are appropriate for very heavy use and convenient to operate hundreds of ties a day. These doors, which have been designed exclusively with laser cut, galvanize steel parts, imported 900 gr canvas and TECHNA ST-14 control unit and working with a speed of 0.7 m/s, aim to minimize energy and tie waste in your company.

It adapts to heavy working schedule with its structure convenient for heavy use and high wind strength. Service and maintenance costs of these doors are minimal compared to the other doors. It prevents the traff to be blocked by allowing the forklif operators to transit swifty thanks to its metal mass detector or remote control features.

Its transparent PVC Automatic High Speed Door window eliminates risk of accidents. Techna Flex PVC Automatic High Speed Doors can be strengthened with special pipes placed according to the dimension in order to make the resistance higher. Thus, the door can work flwless even against strong winds. Specially convoluted, 2-mm galvanize steel pillars never require joint unti 6000 mm.

PVC Automatic high speed door fast industrial roll up door with German motor

A door is a panel made usually of a hard, impermeable, and hard-to-break substance (such as wood or metal), with or without windows, but sometimes consisting of a hard frame into which glass or screens have been fitted, attached to hinges by which it is attached to a frame that constitutes a space for ingress into or egress from a building, room, or vehicle, such that the panel may be moved in various ways (at angles away from the frame, by sliding on a plane parallel to the frame, by folding in angles on a parallel plane, or by spinning along an axis at the center of the frame) to allow or prevent ingress or egress.

Structure Type of Door


MaterialOperatingMotive Power
Sliding Door 

sandwich panel, steel sheets, wood, glass, aluminum alloy


single, double or multiple panels, left-right horizontal directionmanual or electric
Folding Doorsandwich panel, steel sheet 

double or multiple panels, left-right horizontal direction or up-down vertical direction


mostly electric
Swing Door 


sandwich panel, steel sheet, wood, glass, aluminum alloy

single or double panels, swing in horizontal directionmostly manual
Rolling Door 

steel sheet, aluminum alloy, soft fabric


whole piece, rolling up in vertical direction to the shaftmanual or electric

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