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Rolling Shutter Motor and Operator

Function Introduction

  • Beautiful modeling, advanced structure.

All of the components are well-designed and strictly controlled. The motor shells are pressure-cast with high-strength aluminum and alloy materials, light and durable. The surface is electrostatically sprayed by powder and baking finished, that it may not easy to fade or get rusty

  • Low noise, slight vibration.

The reduction gear is made in high-class alloy proceeding and special treatment. The solenoid brake components are made of brake material of the advanced car, which ensures the brake safety when the power off Ajuoppns

  • Strong horsepower.

All of the motor windings with enough weight which are under strict control by our company 100% motor testing the max citing force before packaging

  • Precisely open and closed. Mechanic Limit switch adjusts the door position in both because down precisely and safely.
  • Overheat Protection There is overheating protection inside AC motor. When because the motor’s tempera- lure grows up to 135 degrees, the power supply will be cut off autocratically to protect the motor. The temperature is down to 70. can be used again.
  • Power failure They the power is a failure, the puling chain hand may it the door up and down, and pulling the clutch lever may let the door quickly down.
  • Application It’s always to drive doors of garages, shops, malls, exhibition halls, museums warehouses, industrials and on.

Rolling Shutter Motor Remote Technical Data

Rolling Shutter Motor

Shutter Motor

TypeInput power(w)Max lifting Force(kgf)output Torque(Nm)Output Speed(r/min)Rated Current(A)Max Elevating distance(m)Max diameter of Roller(m)Type of chainWeight of the main machine(kg)

Rolling Shutter Motor with Gearbox

  • Shutters work using a roller, called movement shaft, located in the highest point of the opening housing it, where the horizontal elements slide. A pulley system, combined with a spring, allows the elements sliding inside two sidetracks to raise and lower.
  • Rolling Shutter Motor is a method of image capture in which a still picture (in a still camera) or each frame of a video (in a video camera) is captured not by taking a snapshot of the entire scene at a single instant in time but rather by scanning across the scene rapidly, either vertically or horizontally.
Rolling Shutter Motor

Our motors are applied to shopping centers, warehouses, garages, theaters, hotels, banks, factories, and other buildings’ Rolling Shutter Motor doors’  opening and closing with electric and manual function.  

Rolling Shutter Motor

Automatic Motorized Rolling Shutters

We are one of the reputed manufacturers and suppliers of a large gamut of Automatic Motorized Rolling Shutters. These shutters are perfectly designed and manufactured by a team of skilled professionals. The entire range is highly acclaimed for several features like smooth functioning, easy operations, and maintenance. We make sure to conduct the manufacturing processes in strict

Rolling Shutter Motor

adherence to the industry standards and norms to keep pace with the current trends of the industry.

roller shutter motor price

  • manufacture AC, DC, AC, and DC Rolling Door motor/rolling gate opener, design and make motors according to your request
  • AC motor: 300KG-2000KG, DC motor: 300KG-1000KG
  • 110V/220V/380V are all for our Rolling Door Opener.
  • with four relays inside to make sure our Rolling Door Opener to be safer.
  • 100% copper material inside the motor, so it has a larger capacity and durable than other motors
  • make dimensions of Rolling Door Opener bracket system according to your request, brake system built in the bracket system
  • we could design control system function according to your request, now we have functions: infrared sensor, learning code, ups, wireless safety edge when meet obstacle, alarm function, lighting and so on
roller shutter motor price

Parameter Comparison

220V lifting power (6 inches)400KG375KG385KG370KG
187V lifting force (6 inches)275KG255KG275KG250KG
Housing temperature of operating for 7 minutes56°C94°C96°C80°C
Housing temperature of the thermal protection61°C99°C102°C118.5°C
Thermal protection time7 min 20 second9 min 07 second7 min 44 second14 min 15 second
The temperature of the thermal protection device120°C140°C140°C150°C
Thermal protection device recovery time2 min 35 second9 min 15 second9 min 28 second6 min 44 second
Case temperature when thermal protection device recovers68.2°C75°C76°C94°C
Thermal protection device recovery time2 min 35 second9 min 15 second9 min 28 second6 min 44 second
Case temperature when thermal protection device recovers68.2°C75°C76°C94°C

Wire safety infrared sensor installation :

The Rolling Shutter Motor safety infrared receiver and emitter lead wire plug to the controller. The infrared receiver is installed in near-end of the door the infrared emitter is installed in far-end of the door, two modules need to be face to face, and ensure that they are at the same level and in a straight line if the red light of the receiver light it means that the emitter and the receiver are not on the same level and not in the same straight line.

Rolling Shutter Motor

Then the Rolling Shutter Motor position of either the emitter or the receiver needs to be adjusted to ensure that they are at the same level and in a straight in. The red light of the receiver turns dark, which means the infrared sensor is normal. the debugging is finished

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