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A Skylight Roof

A Skylight can provide lighting, ventilation, views, and sometimes emergency egress. A skylight can provide your home with daylighting and ventilation. Skylights are located on the roof, so they can result in unwanted summertime solar heat gain and wintertime heat loss.

A Roof opening covered with translucent or transparent glass or plastic designed to admit daylight. Flat-roofed buildings may have domed skylights, in others, the skylight follows the slope of the roof. Often the skylight or a portion of it.

Popular Materials


Skylight panes or glazing is generally made from plastic or glass. Units with insulation tend to hold up longer than single-layer roof. Plastic glazing, often in the form of acrylics, is more economical very sturdy.

Acrylic sheet- Commonly referred to as plexiglass, acrylic sheeting offers great light transmittance and strength. Acrylic is naturally UV stable and will withstand years of abuse from preferred materials for domes.

Types of Roofing

Three main types of skylights ventilating, fixed, and tubular.

A roof ventilation system works by providing a continual flow of air through the attic space, helping remove overhead air and moisture from the attic and roof system and reduce the impact of changing temperatures and moisture conditions both inside and outside the home.

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Fixed roof means a cover that is mounted on a unit in a stationary position and does not move with fluctuations in the level of the material managed in the unit

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Skylights are unusual in that they are one of the very few home improvements that give you the chance to upgrade both the interior and the exterior of your home at the same time. As such, they can make your home very attractive to potential buyers and can dramatically increase the home’s value. During the winter months.

The FCS roof blinds are folding roll blinds for indoor sun shading ceilings. The FSS, FTS skylight roof blinds are rolling blinds for sun shading, which are mainly for glass window houses or glass ceilings and glass curtain walls in Horizontal or vertical.

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Double tempered glass is a new heat and noise insulation building material which has other many features- energy saving, safety, antifogging, etc. Insulated Glass is hermetically sealed combination of two or more pieces of glass separated by a dry air-space. The space itself can be filled with dehydrated air or with a special gass

  1. The maximum area is 35 square meters. When the width exceeds 3.5 meters, one tow or one tow three mechanisms can be used.
  2. suitable for making large-area folding canopy, cost-effective, stable, and reliable performance.
  3. Control mode: wireless remote control, infrared remote control, manual control, and intelligent control.
  4. It is suitable for large-scale sunshade curtains in public places. 5. open ways : one way open or center open

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MRM electric folding canopy blinds, when the fabric is completely opened, it has a water wave shape. When folded, it is folded together. It is driven by steel wire or belt. It is powered by a high-quality asynchronous motor or synchronous motor. The system has the characteristics of stable operation, low noise, and flexible operation. Suitable for shopping malls, business centers, airports, office buildings, gyms the sunshine houses, etc public areas or civil building shades.

MRM Electric Folding roof blinds details 

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skylight prices

  1. send inquiry to us 
  2. give us the site conditions picture or drawings 
  3. take the rough measurement to us 
  4. select the skylight design 
  5. Our team will help you handle all your questions 

Our fabric feature:

  • PVC material from Taiwan
  • fabric has good flatness ,can do large blinds without curved
  • enviromental ,got Greenguard ,OEKO-TEX100,SGS certificate
  • high intentsity, tensile rope strength more than double the industry standard
  • Stable quality, long service life
  • Antibacterial ,mouldproof
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