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Sliding Gate Motor Price


Sliding Gate Motor Price is a mix of convenience and high quality. There are many types of gates, this type is used by gate motor sliding. This type of opening with a fence that can be rolled by one side. IT provided practical safe secure recognized entryway to terrains. is it a flexible Fence that has wheels at the bottom? it is gate does not have a turning circle, so it is easy to open and close.

Motor Sliding
Such gates may have motorized automatic operate. Both sliding and stationer elements must be built and sturdy. Weatherproof materials able to withstand occasional impact.


MaterialMild steel, Stain steel, carbon steel, Aluminum,
colorBlock, white, brown, silver, and customer request color available
Size 100% various sizes available
Surface treatmentHot – Dip, Galvanised, powder-coated
Main feature A sturdy wrought iron gate with elegance appearance, low maintenance, and durable
UsageHouse, Hotel, school, garden, etc.


Automatic Sliding open type, AND another type open Swing type, Folding type, Bi-folding type, telescopic type, track type, trackless type, etc.

sliding gate motor kit OPERATING STYLE:

The manual system, semi-auto system, auto system, voice comment system, RIFD system, face comment system, fingerprint system, loop system, etc.

Motor Sliding

sliding gate motors for sale

First of all safety site carefully read and follows all safety, precut, and warning before being present to install and use the automatic gate open type. The gate open should be installed by a qualified technic, when open or close the gate do not attend to walk or drive through the gate. If enable the auto-close functions.

The automatic gate operator must be grounded. Install the gate open on the inside of the property. Be careful when in close to moving parts where hands or fingers could be pinched. Do not allow the control device to be placed. we use

sliding gate hardware

In order to get your gate to slide, you will need some external hardware in place. This will consist firstly of the track which will be fixed to the ground. This is called half-round drilled track which we supply in 3m lengths. The total length that you will need is double the length of

sliding gate hardware

your gate. However, you may not want to put the track all the way across the drive because the wheels will be set in usually a meter or so. If you leave it short then it gives a chance for any surface water to get out.
Secondly, you will need the wheels which will be fixed onto the gate and slide across the track. We can supply them in a pair. The standard wheels we supply can cope with a gate up to 800kg (400kg per wheel); however, we do have ones that are more for heavy-duty use which will do up to 1400kg. You can obviously put more than two wheels onto a gate if it is fairly heavy

sliding gate motor with wifi

The remote control works in a single channel mode. It has four buttons Remote transmitters. The function of button 1, button 2、 button3 is the same, and button 4 is the pedestrian mode. With each press of the remote control button (1, 2, and

3) which has been programmed, the gate will close, stop, open, or stop the cycle. Sliding and Swing gate operator 15 Remote Pedestrian button: After you learn the transmitter, you press the remote button 4 the door will open 1 meter when the door is closed. 

You can program/learn button 1, button 2, and button 3 individually. If you learn button1, button 1, and button 4 are enabled if you learn button 2 too, button 2 and button 4 are enabled, button 1 is disabled. Button 1 Button 2 Button 3 Button 4 Fig.12 Remote transmitter Adding extra remote controls (Learn): Remove the cover, press and hold the learn button ‘S1’ for more than 2 seconds, then the ‘LED of LEARN’ will be on, then press the remote control button which you want to use, the ‘LED’ will turn on about 2 seconds and then turn off again.

sliding gate motor with wifi

The learning process is finished. Up to 25 remote controls may be used. Erase remote controls: To erase all existing remote controls, press and hold learn button ‘S1’, the LED of ‘LEARN’ will turn on, release the button until the LED turns off. This indicates that all the remote controls have been erased completely, if you change another manufactory code transmitter must erase it first. Verify open direction:

If the gate does not move in the desired direction, then you will need to reverse the motor operating direction, open the black plastic cover, you can do this by exchanging wires ‘MOT1’ and ‘MOT2’, ‘Open limit(13 of J5)’ and Close limit

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